Ski Lessons

24 September, 2022

Ski Lessons

Private and group classes in Baqueira-Beret

If you really want the best ski day of your life, we can achieve: your own style, mastery of technique, confidence to slide down steeper slopes and increase speed. Seek how to master this great variety of styles (short turns, wide turns and much more) and above all learn to ski on different types of snow and terrain.

If you just want to have fun with a high-level or elite skier, we suggest the “Baqueira Ski-Safari” in guided or self-guided mode as if it were a Gymkana (a combination of challenge and fun). You will not only ski with your favorite group, but at a laughing pace you will be able to put yours to the test with workshops, custom roles and mystery games during the tour.

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  • for all levels
  • From 58
  • Baqueira 1800 & Beret
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