Grand Tour Catalunya

26 May, 2023

Grand Tour Catalunya


The Grand Tour of Catalonia (GTC) is a route to get to know, discover, live, taste and enjoy Catalonia by car.
It is a trip and many trips at the same time so that each traveler can be organized to their liking, they can travel at their own pace, at any time of the year, and choose from a wide range of diverse experiences to do.
The Grand Tour of Catalonia is a circular itinerary by vehicle to discover the essence of Catalonia: it connects cultural icons, natural landscapes and food and wine pleasures that define the personality of this land, both in rural and urban areas.
The Grand Tour of Catalonia is a route of more than 2,000 kilometers, designed to be traveled by motorized vehicle in two ways: on a single 13-day route or in 5 sections, between 5 and 7 stages each.

Live the emotion of nature, let yourself be carried away by architectural currents, discover flavors , learn about exceptional human stories, enjoy the territory in a sustainable way: Grand Tour of Catalonia, one trip, many paths.

Somos agencia oficial del Grand Tour de Cataluña.
Y ya disponemos de todos los servicios del tramo 3 de Lerida hasta la Seu d’Urgell.  «MUY CERCA DEL CIELO»
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En breve dispondremos del los siguientes tramos

  • Tramo 4 La Seu d’Urgell- Figueres,
  • Tramo 5 de Figueres -Barcelona

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